Pony Express Issue #1
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Pony Express Issue #1

This is a sample issue of Pony Express. This was the first issue.

My name is Heidi Wardle. I thought it would be a cool idea to send out a magazine every week, and possible, if business gets running, every other day, or every day, (which sometimes wonít be possible!)
Well, hereís the first issue. Hope you like it. If you would not like to receive this magazine, just e-mail me, and Iíll take you off of the list!
Since I am having huge problems thinking up a name for this wonderful magazine, I am going to have my subscribers vote on a name. Some ideas I have received are:

Horsemanís Corner
Horses Galore
Equus Philosophy
Horses of the World
Horse Crazy
Little mag of faqís and trivia
Pony Express
Horsin Round
Horse Tails
Hippophile (means Ďlover of horsesí)
Przhevalskiís Guide to the Horse
The Modern Horse

Please tell me which one youíd like, or if you have your own idea, you can use that too. Just e-mail me with ďMagazine Name VoteĒ in the subject line.

One thing Iíd like my subscribers to do, is tell everyone a little about themselves. Iíll start by telling you about me:

My name is Heidi Wardle. I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. I own one horse, a fifteen year old Arabian gelding named Hafiz El Tuhotmos, Fizzy for short. We have been riding dressage for two years, and soon will be starting Pony Club. I am thirteen years old, and enjoy being around horses (of course!), writing horse stories, and I love to talk/watch horse racing. I also like to work on the computer. I was born in Brighton, England, and when I was two, we moved to Australia. When I was seven, we came here to Colorado, and have lived here ever since. I am in eighth grade and attend Castle Rock Middle School. Picture of me and my horse? You got it. Go to http://www.skidmore.edu/~eferland/jryr/heidi.html One of the stories I wrote? You got it. Go to http://equinet.com/articles/heidi0996.html
Thatís it for me. What about you???
************************************************************************ Some ideas Iíve collected for this magazine are:

Classified Ads
Calendar of Events
Reports on breeds, and riding styles etc....
and Lessons on certain parts of riding.
If you have any ideas or something of the sort, feel free to post it. ************************************************************************

Well, sorry this issue is so short, but itís the first one, and I still need to get lots more info! I hope to get quite a few new subscribers in the future, and feel free to give my address to your friends, so they can have this great experience!
Feel free to make any posts about the magazine, your comments, or to ask/answer questions. I hope this magazine can become a success!

Heidi Wardle

As you can see, at the beginning, Pony Express had lots of ideas, and even more now! The latest issue will be up soon.


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