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"Gallop Far, Gallop Near, But Make Sure you Gallop here!"

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Welcome to Pony Express! Pony Express is an "e-zine" that was started in the fall of 1996. Pony Express started out with 6 subscribers, and in 8 months has over 150 readers. It includes many stories, articles, and things to learn and do. It is a great reading experience for any horse lover!

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Pony Express includes:

Curious about what an issue of Pony Express looks like? Well, that's no problem. Just go
here and see for yourself!

What about the history of the real Pony Express, where our magazine got it's name from? That's here.

Maybe you're ready to subscribe to Pony Express! Here's the information:

Pony Express at first was sent everyday, but it soon dropped off to a couple times a month. But now, Pony Express has undergone some new changes, and is now run through a mailing list. It's still just as great, and much much easier!

Another reason it's so easy to subscribe to Pony Express is because it's free! There is no charge ever, and you can enjoy Pony Express without ever having to worry about the bill! All you need is an e-mail account.

To subscribe, fill out this simple form:

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Then you can start receiving one of the best horse e-zines out there! Now maybe, for some ubelieveable strange reason, you have to unsubscribe from Pony Express? Well, it's just as simple! Instead of saying subscribe, just tell us to unsubscribe you, by e-mailing subscription info!

Now how do you post something in Pony Express?

You can send in your comments, suggestions, and replies to pnyxpress@coollist.com after you are subscribed.. Your mail will be in the next issue of Pony Express.

Any questions? Our mailboxes are:

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Last updated July 26,1997
Created by Heidi Wardle

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